About Us

 For more than 30 years, the Clements have worked together as entrepreneurs, as well as in the ministry where they have traveled throughout the world unlocking the revelation of co-laboring functions between men and women in the home, church, and marketplace. They have authored 14 books that address many pertinent issues affecting the church, home, and marketplace. They continue to promote spiritual education as the best empowerment tool and defense. One of their latest books, Navigating the Journey, chronicles over 30 years of ministry in one of the first mega-churches in America.

Dr. Kirby and Sandra Clements founded the Clements Family Ministries in 1994 to provide Bible-based seminars, workshops, and books with provocative words of wisdom and instruction that can be easily applied in all areas of life. The vision is to inform, educate and empower believers in the areas of creational order and the Kingdom of God by exposing the biblical and historical perspective of topics including gender equality, the power of influence, and a living demonstration of God�s government. Their aim is to show that Divine purposes and functions include all people irrespective of their gender, race, age, or socioeconomic status...