Frequently  Asked  Questions
What is a therapeutic community?
  It is the church with its various gifts and callings empowered by the Spirit and Word being used to reconcile and restore people who are estranged or who have fallen short of the glory of God.
What is creational order?
  Genesis 1-3 is a seed bed of New Testament revelation. The first mention of God, prophecy, male, female, covenant, delegated authority and even warfare are displayed in the creation narrative. The male/female relationship is one of co-equality, co-essentiality, and co-substantiality. This is the original Divine design.
What is the mystery of prophecy?
  Prophecy is a channel of Divine communication and is often characterized by what it reveals But the mystery of prophecy is not what it reveals but what it conceals......the process of its fulfillment if often hidden.
What is difference between Kingdom and Church?
  The Kingdom speaks of legislation, laws, and government while the Church relates to congregations, meetings, and worship.
Why The Church?
  The church is distinct from any institution or organization by reason of its origin, mission, and authority. Its origin is Divine; its mission is salvation; and its authority is the Gospel and the Holy Spirit.