The Spirit Friendly Church
The Spirit Friendly Church
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What was once Biblically and simply identified as the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ, or the Church of a geographic area or city, has become known as the Pentecostal, the Protestant, the Catholic, the Assembly of God, the Methodist, the Lutheran, and so forth. The recent decades bare witness to yet additional image markers such as "User Friendly," "Visitor-Friendly," "Vision-Centered," "Word," "Faith," "Prophetic," "Kingdom," "Deliverence," and a long list of others. All of these descriptors placed before the word "Church" represents efforts to identify or to at least differentiate the Tag Heuer Replica Watches Church based upon a doctrine, a vision, or a ministry philosophy or specialty. In the process of the shift toward the interest of the people and ministry ideas, ther is a subtle deficience. The Realm of the Supernatural. The power that attracted the multitudes, subdued kingdoms, and transformed natons is lacking. Is it possible for the Church to cultivate the areas of interest to the Holy Spirit? Can the worship, theology, government, and ministry of the Church generate and atmosphere that is "Spirit-Friendly?" This work explores that possibility.