Sandra Clements
Atlanta, Georgia, native Sandra Clements is married to Dr. Kirby Clements Sr. for 50 years and is the mother of their two children, Kirby Jr. and Gina. Personable, strong, and caring, Sandra is in many ways a pioneer for justice and a  trailblazer in championing the dignity of women and celebrating their various roles. 

A graduate of Spelman College in Atlanta, her professional experiences are varied. She worked as a high school Social Science teacher, coordinated an in-hospital patient educational and volunteer training program, and served as program coordinated at D.C general hospital In Washington. She also served as a program coordinator for the United States Agency for International Development, which provides economic and humanitarian assistance worldwide. Additionally, she has functioned as a consultant for several notable social organizations, planned seminars and workshops as it relates to Creational order and the Kingdom of God. Still dedicated to her family, she currently manages the office for her husbandís dental practice. 
Sandra manages her husband's dental practice and works as part of the empowerment network. Another passion of hers is to see healthy families, being a dedicated mother and grandmother wanting to share here experiences and wisdom she has developed a seminar series called "A Celebration of Motherhood." Her future plans are to celebrate parenting as a primary function for healthy families of which she has written a popular book titled "Her Name is Mother." 

Another pivotal role that she plays is co-laboring with Bishop Kirby in ministry, sharing with him the pastorate of the church, The Community of the Holy Spirit, as well as traveling  together teaching  and preaching on the Kingdom of God and Creational order.

Sadly, Sandra departed this life in peace while  surrounded by all of our family in June 2015. She serves now as part of a transcendent team that is in heaven and on earth.