The Miracle of Unity
The Miracle of Unity
Division, disunity, war, oppression, exploitation, genocide, and even murder are relatively easy ventures for the unregenerate. In fact, it is the highest expression of human weakness and ignorance to plunder, steal, and kill. The most challenging exploits of humankind is to emulate weakness. It has been assumed that being in charge, the chief leader, the most popular, and the wealthiest is the expression of strength but we have been confused. Paul declares that he takes pleasure in reproaches, deficiencies, persecution, and oppression for when he is weak he is also strong. 

 For years it was thought that the senior leader, the pastors, prophets, teachers, bishops, and even archbishop were those elevated from among the people. But we have been greatly mistaken. He that would be the greatest must serve; he that would gain his life must first lose his life; he that is slandered and assaulted must turn the other cheek; and that would be blessed is the greatest giver. We do this man no favor today…..in fact we do him a disservice. For we increase his burden; elevates his responsibilities; increase his candidacy for assault, slander, misunderstanding, exploitation, oppression, and abandonment. If there is any amount of misunderstanding of the transition that is at work here, please be informed. We do him no favor. Do not allow the beauty and pageantry of this liturgy to impress for it is all a symbol. It is a symbol of the highest form of obedience and submission to a higher authority. It is not spiritual and natural privileges we bestow but it is spiritual and natural responsibilities that we magnify. And those of you who so willingly associate with this man will take on the burden and the responsibility. 

 But let us not stop this narrative too short...for Paul says that when he is weak he is now also strong for the strength of Christ is made perfect in human weakness weakness for strength. The strength is revelation knowledge; spiritual understanding;í prophetic insight; authority over the works of evil; clarity and strategy to reform not simply a local church but also a nation; favor which declares that no weapon formed against you will triumph.